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Without the assistance of John Cross (aka Larry!) who so ably compiled the Newsletters for the Association since 2005, the production of this website would not have been possible. John provided much help and copies of nearly 100 Newsletters.

The Website can be best viewed full screen (Press F11 on Windows computers. On some Macs it is possible to press the fn (function) key as well as F11 to activate full screen mode. Alternatively, press Control + Command + F to trigger full screen mode.)

All the individual Newsletters can be downloaded, and Printed. (Use the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

Please let me have details of any errors or omissions and I would welcome any comments and suggestions.
I would also be happy to include other relevant articles about Duxford and any further reminiscences that ex-Duxford personnel (Not necessarily OldDux members) might like to submit.

I also acknowledge that I am only a very amateur webpage designer! I have endevoured to learn HTML and CSS by a process of trial and error (mostly error!) and I have not yet discovered many of the finer points of web design. So please excuse the fact that the pages do not look very elegant on low resolution monitors nor even on your mobile phone!

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